Pastor Ron & 1st. Lady Marsha Reed

Our aim is to aid in the development of the body of Christ, and to provide ministry to the hearts of our generation and to proclaim Jesus Christ as healer still, and to provide an atmosphere of refreshing fellowship, discipleship, Christian maturity, passionate praise, evangelism and outreach.

Our Testimony
It is important to share your personal testimony, because you don’t know who you may help, or who may be going through a similar situation in their life. By speaking of how God brought you through this particular hurdle in your life, it gives others faith & hope in the Lord that He may help get them through their situation.

My whole outlook on life changed dramatically. I now appreciate things in which I took for granted, such as my family life, work ethics, and personal relationships. I now realize the friends I thought were my friends; I find I have a lot less, since I chose to walk with the Lord. There were things I gave up to have a relationship with Jesus Christ, at last count, everything I gave up, was for the ”Betterment” of my life, such as night clubs, gambling, drunkenness, curse words and overall undesirable behavior.

Having Christ in my life is important to me. I have changed my whole outlook on life professing to be a Christian; I realize I need to walk righteously, seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit. My spiritual growth has helped me to help others to understand the goodness and the love of God. I get very excited about talking to people about Jesus Christ.

All the wonderful changes that have occurred in my life, it is easy to tell others of the goodness of the Lord. The same savior, who gives me such great joy and hope for the future, can also be a part of their lives also. It is expected of us by God to reach out to the lost and tell them about his son “Jesus”, the Christ which he so lovingly sent for all mankind.